Saturday, June 6, 2015

Life Lessons

1)when you say shake off the baby (Little Guy), it doesn't actually mean to 'shake' him.  Summer thought that's what I meant.  I meant brush him off from the noodles he has all over him.  He loved the whole 'shaking' bit.  (you all know Summer really can't shake him, right?)

2) Letting kids experiment on your hair and going to bed is probably not the best idea.  Those tiny little braids and rubber bands hurt at night!

3) If Mom tells you to throw the diaper away that she changed in the van, you best do it.  Otherwise, a few days later you will discover that smell has mutated due to heat of summer.

4) Best leave your wallet at home if you are going to lose it three times in one day. One of those times being at Walmart where your brothers and sisters had to play hunt the wallet all over the entire store!

5)  If buying sheets, don't try to save a buck.  I made that mistake.  Big time.  I bought King sized sheets online for $18 b/c well frankly, I can't afford the nice king sized sheets.  I feel like I am sleeping on cardboard and that is AFTER they'd been washed.  Please, spring for the more expensive sheets. 

6) If you think you are protecting your kids enough by not letting them watch certain shows, think again.  Somewhere, somehow, Summer picked up the word 'damn' this past week.  And now, it appears to be her favorite word.  Hey, she is actually using it in context though. 

7) It is not smart to let your child eat 3 or 4 cupcakes w/ homemade butter cream icing.  Causes diaper blow outs.  That is all I'll say about that one.  BTW, we washed the couch three times! 

8) If angry, do not throw a temper tantrum dear child.  You may get more than you bargained for.  You know like jumping on your bunk and ripping the curtain rod out of the wall.  You may find yourself picking up those pine cones you hate for hours.  Entering that child in weight lifting or something.  Gee whiz kiddo.   Wall is a wreck!

I know there are more of these but frankly, all I can come up with this week in review as I am truly sleep deprived.  Little Guy is not sleeping much and therefore, neither am I.  Here is hoping we don't have many life lessons this coming week.  

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