Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Is She a Boyd Yet?

We had a hearing today for our daughter Isabelle.  Is she a Boyd yet?  No, not yet.  We were told we needed more paperwork which our social worker has already done this evening and sending tomorrow.  We are hoping with that, it will be pushed through quickly as she has already lived with us for over a year now.  We are very ready to call her our daughter officially though in our hearts, she already is. 

So, went to old neighborhood as we had court anyhow there.  Kids went with friends while we were in the courthouse.  They got to go to the movie theater and then to Burger King for ice cream cones and nuggets.  Very sweet of my friend to do that with all my kids.  Picked up Bojan as he had spent the night the last few days with an old friend.  Paid our A/C gentleman as well.  Then, homeward bound to Oxford.  Came home and I worked on questions social worker had for me.  After that, filled out vision forms as four of us have appointments tomorrow. 

Not so great news.  Our previous home (now a rental home) has had the A/C go out.  We have tried several repairs to no avail.  Unfortunately, a new unit is in our future.  With lawyer fees left to pay for the adoptions and now this, it is going to get interesting.  We were hoping it could last till next year when all this other stuff would be taken care of.  Recovering from the move and adoptions.  However, not the case.  So, renters and us are diligently looking tomorrow for new A/C unit and the best price possible.  Happened of course on our 100 degree days here.  At least we're all working together to fix the problem as fast as possible but still tough. 

We need to get the RV ready for the upcoming trip.  Speaking of no A/C, it is also out on the front of the RV.  So, miserable for the driver.  May have to make a redneck air conditioner for the trip.  We are also filling out forms for Bojan for the new school and possibly Alex attending next year as well.  We'll see.  Still mulling it over on that one.  Anyhow, getting lots done today and just not the best day ever but could be a lot worse so keeping my mouth shut. 

Up early for 7:30 eye exams.  Then testing for the remaining three kids, then break at the pool, and hunting for new A/C unit.  That month break we had of nothing to do is completely and utterly over.  Great while it lasted. 

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  1. It looks like you have a lot of things happening for you these days. I hope that you’ll be able to deal with those AC problems on top of your higher priorities. Anyway, have fun on your upcoming trip!

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp