Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Flower Power

I love flowers.  That is no secret.  Probably why I worked in a florist shop years ago.  They just make me smile and the more colorful, the better.  I dream of my house eventually being surrounded in flowers in the yard.  Trying. 

Not the best picture as they needed water.  Striped trailing petunias.  Going to put something different here next year but not sure what just yet.  I think some type of lilly but not sure.

My pink roses are still blooming!  Just wonderful scent walking up the back porch.

Gladioliouses.  Purchased for a whopping 99 cents for the entire bag.  Can't wait till they bloom.

Trailing petunias on the front porch.  Nice welcome piece.

Doubt this planter will last much longer.  Had it for years upon years.  Notice the rust on the bottom?

The cypress that is on each side of the front porch stairway.  Frames the porch way.  They are beautiful and full of color.

Daylillies from the back porch area.  Unfortunately, when they cleaned the gutters the other week, they stomped the rest of them.

Close up of one of the day lillies.  Vibrant colors throughout the yard.  Love pops of color against our green landscape.  Makes it easy to have a vase of flowers inside.  There are wildflowers that grow down our road that are just as pretty.  And it's a desserted road. 

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