Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Can We Keep It??

A phrase that every parent dreads to hear.  Warren and I had done some errands this past weekend.  Get out of the car and approached by the idea of keeping a pet turtle.  They found it clearing out our woods in the back.  Umm, no.  Sorry but no.  We have fish and dogs.  That is all we are doing for right now.  We had a guinea pig awhile back and done hermit crabs as well.  But no turtle found in the woods is coming to live with us this year.  They did take pictures though and put it right back where they found it.  And no name was given so we were safe!  You all know once found critters take on a name, typically they stay.  Just don't name them.  We may get a chinchilla later this year but for now, status quo till we are completely settled w/ routine and schedules and sports and church.  We are just not to that point yet.  So, here are some shots from an almost pet.

Nice box turtle.  

Hey, at least he had gloves on before handling it.

They wanted to make sure they got all angles of the turtle.  LOL.

I'm sure he would have made a fine pet but I think Mother Nature needs him more than we do right now.  So, back to the woods for Mr. Turtle.  BTW, we have wolf spiders here.  Big, big ones.  I'm just waiting for that day.  The other day one of the boys brought a dead snake into the house.  Why do they do this stuff?! 

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