Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- part IV

The hardest day of Camp Cheerio is always Sunday as everyone knows they are going home and no one wants to.  We pack up more than ourselves.  We pack up a weekend full of memories and knowledge.

Waiting in line for breakfast.  Notice Little Guy in the background.  This is what he loves to do w/ his big brothers that drives me nuts...dare devil stuff.  The higher the better.  He laughs like mad when they carry him like a sack of potatoes or toss him in the air.

Our view every morning.  Stunning.

Nik soaking it all in one last time.

Just think the tree is cool. 

This is the cafeteria. 

The building where Warren and I attended workshops everyday.

The gymnasium.  Kids LOVE it here.

Each year it is great for one reason or another.  Truly is.  We love going.  We can't thank the people enough this year who helped us get to one of our favorite places.  And, looks like Little Guy loves it just as much as the rest of us.  He'll grow up here too with a whole new group of young ones.  Friends made, lessons learned, memories cherished.  That is what it is all about.  Till next year!

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