Thursday, May 14, 2015

T minus 1 day till Cheerio!!!

Yes sir!  Tomorrow we leave for Camp Cheerio.  Have a lot to do so this will be super short.  We will be offline till Sunday when I'll come back and tell all that we did.   Pictures too.  Kids have been about jumping out of their skin.  So ready to go and see old friends and make new ones as well.  And what was supposed to be a disastrous weekend weather wise, seems to have turned a positive corner so let's hope so.  It is cued speech camp we are going to.  workshops for the adults and fun activities for the kids.  Not to mention awesome food that we don't have to cook.  LOL.  Our social worker was here till 9 tonight so she got to witness the excitement.  And Alex teasing his sisters and us eating an unorganized late, late dinner.  I am truly ready to go.  We all are.  This is a very fun and relaxing time of year for us.  So, much more to come on Sunday.  For now, going offline a few days to learn and relax.  Camp Cheerio, here we come!!!

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