Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Strawberry Picking Time!

Living in a new area, we need to get our 'places' down again.  One of those, is a strawberry picking place.  We had our favorites before and needed to find one here as well.  So, asked the locals b/c how else are you going to know.  There is a place up north, close to VA that is the place to go. It is called The Christmas Place Farm.  We went on a very pleasant, cool day.  Opening day at that.  Not all the kids wanted to go and that was fine.

This was the first day.  It was SO nice out to go picking.  No messed up fields either.  Brand new, nothing picked over.  Everything was great!

Nik showing off one of his berries.

some of the older girls picking.  Sofie dragging her feet in the back ground b/c she decided she didn't want to pick.  She wanted to play on teh playground.

Nik with his bucket of berries.  This was clearly just the start of it.

They were all working hard.  Gave them the bigger buckets & myself.

And finally, this one got into it.  Though, the green berries were starting to take over so I took her bucket.  

We truly had a great time and it was just relaxing.  Afterwards, we headed to Big Lots and bought way too much stuff for the house.  Was needed though so can't complain.  This weekend, we are headed out shopping for summer time.  Kids need some clothes.  Also, Warren is takign younger ones to a Lowes Workshop.  He'll have no more fingers left if he helps Sofie.  LOL.  Her and a hammer will not mix well.  More posts to come.  Told you this is my time to catch up.

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