Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sprucing Up

When you move into a place, especially when not built by you, you want to make it your own.  So, that is what we have been doing.  We have moved some fixtures around the house and replaced a few items. Some by choice, some (water through the ceiling) not by choice.  We are also taking items from the old house and sprucing them up.  Painting, sanding, etc.  Bringing some life into them and also, protecting from the elements if necessary.  One thing Max did last week was stain the picnic table he built at the old house. 

This is the color stain we are using.

Max working diligently on the staining. This will definitely help protect it from the elements.

Love how Summer is just standing there.  Meanwhile, Houseguest is working hard at staining a chair Max had built.  The chair now also has a big cushion on it from Big Lots.  We can all enjoy the patio.

max really did an excellent job and now is just really an enjoyable place to eat on the patio.  Well, spacing didn't work.  A shot above of Summer and Reni.  Cute.  

I will say this, Max is a fast worker.  Takes things out in no time and replaces in no time.  Even went and caulked the entire bathroom afterwards.  

You can tell you have kids with piles of bath toys in the tub.  Max is very efficient.  

We have done quite a bit of sprucing up since here.  Little things, nothing major.  -Lots of yard work as the yard is huge.  Nice to have the house the way you want it and organized.  Will pay off in the long run once we get back into the amount of activities we had before we moved.  A lot of our sprucing up is simply elbow grease and hard work.  Not so much purchasing.  We are going to paint later this mont though.  The boys are in a rather girlish room as the previous owners had three girls.  So, I promised once settled, we'd paint their rooms.  That is next.  Got to choose a color though.  The hard part.  Well, off to bed so we can spruce up some more tomorrow before heading out.  This coming weekend is Camp Cheerio.  Can't wait!

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  1. Need to borrow max for months to do stuff at this house. Wish he was closer to use him.