Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So much to catch up on

Yes, I know I need to finish about Cheerio.  But, interrupting for a good thing.  Max found a job today!  Wahoo.  He starts tomorrow working with an HVAC guy.  Something new for Max and hope he likes it.  Truly relieved.  Bojan will be starting his internship soon with his prosthetist.  Logistically, t his is all a nightmare right now as down to one vehicle.  That is hard. 

Max had his first accident yesterday.  Thankfully, he and the other gentleman were not injured.  They both drove home w/ damage to the front of the cars.  But, the way my bumper was hit, it will all need to be replaced.  Right now, dangling down, scraping the NEW tires we just bought.  Can't risk a blow out so this is priority right now.  Trying to find a local body shop tomorrow.  Just never is good timing, is it?  Guess with ups, must come downs.

Obviously, not a whole lot of time around here today.  And, kids are doing school work too.  We could not attend youth group due to the vehicle issue.  To top off this day, we get a call from propane company saying previous homeowner is refusing to pay the bill and said it is now ours b/c we moved in.  Umm, no.  Not in the contract.  Fighting this one as just this week, got another bill from our lawyer for the adoption.  I don't know where the money tree is planted but I must find it quickly b/c this is all just crazy timing.  Just paid for two PPR's as well.  Got to love it.  I have found over the years not to stress it.  It all works out one way or another.  Be patient. 

We got the list of stuff we need in order to build our robot for the robotics online class the kids are taking next Wednesday I believe it is.  Exciting.  Simple but exciting to learn.  Kids are currently tracking their seed growth. 

I have decided to do at least two Pinterest projects a week for the next few weeks and one new meal. Tonight we tried Cheesy Chicken Crockpot and was a hit by all.  Tomorrow, we are continuing to make firestarters and store them.  Great for campgrounds and fireplace in winter.  We are also going to make flubber tomorrow.  And, the boys have sanded down my sideboard and it will then have a new bright coat of paint on it.  Walls here are all bland color.  Need some pops of color and life.  Next is painting the red room this weekend.  Will lighten up the school room quite a bit.  Our other Pinterest project for this week will be the river rock door mat thing.  Hose off your feet.  Perfect for our house in the summer.  Don't worry, I'll track what works and what is an epic fail.  LOL. 

Time to go.  Need directions for Max's new job tomorrow.  More to come!

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