Saturday, May 9, 2015


It's Saturday.  Nothing too special going on.  Warren took the kids to go build flower pots for Mother's Day.  He was very impressed w/ Summer's hammering abilities.  I mean really shocked that she did so well.  Sofie...not so much.  Too distracted.  We know in the future she will need some type of focusing help.  As she ages, it will get worse. Keeping an eye for now as she is still so young and so little physically.  We don't like to start ours on meds early if we can at all help it.  However, she is all over the place lately.  Warren worked with her solely.  Reni assisted Nik.  He didn't need much help but she was there as back up.  They came home and then we all had lunch.  Warren, myself, Logan and Summer headed out to Lowes.  New in town so we made a pit stop at the peanut outlet and OMG!  We got to taste test a whole bunch of peanuts.  All sorts of flavors which was a lot of fun.  Yes, we bought some that were half off and got a tip that next week they have a dent sale and cans will be $1!  I think we're coming back. 

After the peanut outlet, we went onto Lowes.  New house, new toilet.  Joys of home ownership.  While there, of course I snagged some clearance trees/ shrubs.  We bought mulch which we've been meaning to get for some time.  It was hot and we were thirsty but had to wait till home.  Usually I keep water bottles in the van but we were out.  We were all bummed about that. 

Came home to a very, very hot house.  Our A/C broke yesterday.  Repairman coming on Tuesday.  Unloaded the trailer and we all decided to change our plans and break up shopping between today and tomorrow.  So, loaded everyone but Sofie and Max (only two that actually wanted to stay home) and went to Big Lots and Walmart.  Nothing special.  Checked out a new local shopping center and some new places there.  Really just an errand type of day while sweating at home.  Makes us appreciate A/C that much more. 

Tomorrow, Mother's Day, Warren has to go to work.  Kids have already made me a few things which was very sweet.  When he gets home from work, we'll go shopping a bit more and maybe check out some local parks.  Playing it all by ear tomorrow.  While he's at work, I think the kids and I will work on the yard some.  Why not be outside, same temp as inside now.  LOL.  Anyhow, non-eventful day which we like every once in awhile.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as well.  More posts to come for sure. 

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