Thursday, May 7, 2015

Punishment/ homeschool-- what's the difference

Some of my kids think some of the stuff I make them do for homeschool is punishment.  Sometimes, they are right!  The other day, we did some school work.  Then, did yard work.  Felt something on me.  Bojan and Alex were pelting pinecones at me.  So, I said fine, you like pinecones so much, each of you have a report to me by the end of the day on pinecones.  They did the reports!  And you know what, we ALL learned something new about pinecones.  First, our yard is full of pinecones.  We learned you can eat and drink in some form or fashion, pinecones.  So, we decided to experiment and make pine needle tea.

One of the things we discovered is you can make pine needle tea.  We figured why not.

 Had to make sure we got the green pine needles.  You know they are done seeping when the color fades from them.

Nik adding some lemon for a bit more flavor.

Reni taking her first sip.  All in all, wasn't bad.  Not too bitter.  Tasty.  Not a whole lot of flavor but we could do it in a pinch for sure.

They also discovered about pine nuts.  So, Alex was determined to cut one open to find them. Easier said than done.  He went through three knives. 

Alex even put on the safe knife glove we have to cut them.  We are really did learn a lot about pine cones that week.

 Sofie doesn't care what she drinks.  As long as she is one of the big kids.

Then it was back to work.  Briefly touching on the layers of the earth since it was earth day.  Also did some plantings and yard work.  Irina was helping them this day.

Bojan giving Logan a hand on his work.  

So, some days you can turn a bad thing to a good thing.   Not every day but sometimes.

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