Thursday, May 7, 2015

Max's Drawings

While Max job hunts at our new place, he is doing some art work which he loves to do.  Currently, working on two commissioned pieces. Thought I'd share one of his drawings he was working on for our family.   It's our house.  He's not quite done with it but I thought it turned out great so far.

Picture of our home.  Looks beautiful!  Max puts a lot of detail into his drawings. 

Just from using a flash.  Figured I'd try it  both ways. 

The front section.  I know since he drew this he redid the lights on it.  He was a little miffed I was taking pictures before it's done.

He still was adding some things but most of it was done.  Not a bad drawing of it.  Frame worthy for sure.  Nice to have a drawing of our own home. 

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