Monday, May 25, 2015

Manic Monday

It's Memorial Day already and that is just too hard to believe.  Really is.  Hence, why I haven't written all weekend long.  Has been pleasant. 

  • enjoyed a pleasant weekend and friends came to visit with us
  • friends made authentic Greek food for us...yum
  • Kids played with their old friends
  • went to the lake here via the church
  • kids went to youth group as well
  • had to make an incredibly hard parenting decision
  • catching up with blogging as usual
  • got a hearing date for houseguest...wahoo!!! (in mid-June)
  • none of us have anything to wear to said hearing date
  • got the PPR's done
  • Max got a job and is loving it
  • Max will most likely buy Warren's old car
  • and now we are car hunting for Warren (sucks b/c both ours are paid for!)
  • taking van in this week to get fixed after Max's accident last week
  • getting warmer in NC but not too bad
  • kids have youth group this week
  • testing booklets should arrive for homeschoolers
  • need to get organized with end of year stuff
  • joined the pool
  • kids want to go swimming but realized girls really, really need bathing suits
  • going to try out some other churches locally
  • making plans for the summer
  • new to find a new dog sitter as this one will be gone when we are in June
  • Digby has a swollen eye and we can't figure out why (calling vet if not better in two days)
  • Little Guy has an ear infection
  • antibiotics have horrible side effect and we have used some serious diapers here
  • finishing up mulching this week
  • painting two rooms this week.  Well, probably only get to one of them
  • pick up RV this week that has been in the shop
  • mailing old PPR's to Bulgaria since NGO is saying they don't have them (urghh)
and more going on of course.  Will try to get to it all done.  We'll see how it goes.  Hope  you all remembered those that served and got some down time as well.  

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