Monday, May 11, 2015

Manic Monday

Yes, already Monday again so time to get started on what's happening.  Here goes:

  • Had a great weekend even if just a lot of errand running
  • Did lots of necessity shopping
  • Been raining here
  • Put ten bags of mulch down today, ten to go
  • Kids have been working extra hard on the yard
  • Kids have already found jobs with the neighbors...some of which hate yard work!
  • Kids have already watched pets for neighbors
  • Doing school work this week (on ocean animals for science)
  • Warren had to work Mother's Day
  • Contemplating new (used) car as Max will need one soon too
  • Catch up on blog
  • Youth group
  • Going to Camp Cheerio!!!!
  • RV getting fixed
  • Getting another fridge (awesome deal on yardsale site)
  • Going to library
  • Joining a pool for the summer here
  • Need to order testing tomorrow as got behind due to the move
  • Organizing a few things
  • Need some things to take to camp
  • Umm, we all realized sleeping bags are still in the RV near our old house
  • Making plans for the next three months
  • Air conditioner broke.  Repairman coming tomorrow
  • Need to go to the DMV to renew plates
  • Max and Irina really starting the job hunt
Lots of other things I'm sure I forgot.   Just a ton to get done but little by little getting there.  Can't wait to get away to one of our family's favorite places.  We need this get away.  Well, time to get some other work done.  Figured I'd do a blog post or two every night from here on out. 

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