Monday, May 4, 2015

Manic Monday

Time to get back to regular blogging for me.  Really is.  Been a long, long few weeks but we are getting more settled now and into routine.  So blogging needs to be one of those routines.  Been doing great this week with it.  Keeping that up.

  • Tried a new church that the kids love
  • Vet came last week
  • Finally gave both dogs a bath
  • Need to buy dog bowls for them as they got broken in the move
  • Tried the farmer's market this weekend
  • Went strawberry picking
  •  Van needs four new tires, alignment & inspection...ouch!
  • Need to go to bank
  • Our previous water bill is completely messed up.  They are fixing it
  • Houseguest's adoption is taking forever!
  • Kids are going to bible studies and youth group this week
  • Need to check out sports for the fall
  • Need to find homeschool groups
  • Need to go to wholesale shop we learned about
  • Kids are beyond excited about going to Camp Cheerio
  • We are clearing out the last of our clutter
  • Need to pick up a playset we are being given. Between that one and the one we have, we can mesh them together and make it work for the kids
  • Got some awesome discount trees at Lowes this past weekend
  • Studying sharks this week
  • Deciding if we are going to the zoo this weekend or not
So, so much happening but figured I'd better get back into the groove.  Right now, Warren is rocking Little Guy as he is not sleeping tonight.  Hoping he goes down soon.  Much to share and hoping to do at least two posts a day.  Need to get back into blogging and share how our life truly is going.  FASD kids do not do so well with change  you know.  Though I will say, I have been impressed by how they have done thus far.  More to come.  Stay tuned.

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