Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Manic Monday-- a day late

Well got so excited about Camp Cheerio almost forgot yesterday was Monday.  So, here goes:

  • Camp Cheerio was SO much fun!
  • Max got into an accident today.  First one.  He's okay.   
  • Kids reviewing the year
  • Kids planted some seeds and tracking for a week
  • Girls and I went to a lovely dinner together (teens & I)
  • Got a great deal at the bread outlet
  • New grill finally (thought the rust would kill us, LOL)
  • Trying new recipe this week
  • Some child is giving us a very hard time lately
  • Another child will most likely need to start meds
  • Think Little Guy is coming down with an ear infection
  • Planning vacations
  • We have a great insurance (vehicle) company
  • Going to paint the school room (it's red now...need a lighter color)
  • Sanding and painting a sideboard this week
  • Thinking of joining a local pool
  • Yard is coming along nicely
  • Ready for these adoptions to be finalized
  • Houseguest's last PPR was done this past week
  • Little Guy has two more PPR's
  • Catching up on medical bills 
  • Trying to figure out homeschool cirriculums for next year
  • Doing end of year testing very soon
  • Trying to find bikes for the kids.  They are sharing and we really need more bikes
  • Dogs are doing good
  • Catching up on paper work and going through files
  • Max and Irina are diligently job hunting
  • Van got new tires (new bumper to come, I'm sure...URGHH!!)
  • Van needs washing
  • Kids have youth group
  • Proabably going to the lake this weekend
  • May be having a Memorial Day Cookout
  • Working on vacation plans
Lots more going on but those are off the top of my head.  More on Camp Cheerio tomorrow.  My day was thrown for a loop with a son's first accident but very thankful everyone was okay and that it was very minor.  Learning from mistakes in life is key and that is what we're trying to teach our children.


  1. I am a reader from the west coast so we have not met. I am wondering how Yana is doing.

  2. I too hope she is well!