Saturday, May 30, 2015

Life Lessons of the Week

I wrote this on Facebook but figured I should do a weekly thing here.  Break it up a little.  Time to do a new segment each week. So, this segment is to be called "Life Lessons." For this past week, here are the lessons learned in this home:

1) You must READ labels carefully. Otherwise, you will superglue your new press on nails to your fingers. Those suckers aren't going anywhere for a long, long time. (the super glue and nail glue are almost identical and next to each other)

2) When your mom says take the tent down when it is DRY, you listen. Why? B/c if not, it will be found months later molded and mildewed. URGHH!!!!

3) Put stuff back or it WILL get lost in a move. Above said tent now has NO poles. URGHH!!!

4) Learn your spicy words. One of the girls thought the bag of pretzel bits was some foreign food from Japan. Not Jalapenos. Same girl the day before thought she was getting Teriakyi slim Jim and not Tabasco.

5) Behave or you will get in trouble!

6) Listen carefully when Mom gives direction to follow to get home. Otherwise you will quickly learn the back roads of Oxford.

7) Swim diapers do NOT mean leak proof diapers. Be prepared to get peed on.

I'm sure there are more life lessons.  Too bad I didn't start this last week.  Could have talked about the car accident.  That's another post.  Do hope everyone is having a great weekend.  We are home.  Warren went and picked up the RV today.  Last item out of our old county.  Kids and I will be scrubbing it inside and out next week as it is supposed to cool off this coming week.  Bojan is sick today.  Throwing up sick so no fun.  Hoping he will be on the mends very soon.  One last Camp Cheerio post and then back to normal stuff.  tomorrow we must get things done around here.  

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