Monday, May 4, 2015

Landscaping on a Budget

As you know, we are frugal.  Have to be with 13 kids.  No other way to put it.  Yet, I still want my yard to look like some one other than hillbillies live here.  And, I am a fan of flowers and trees.  Love a variety.  I don't like it looking cluttered but filled.  We have two acres so there is plenty of space to do things with in the yard.  We have big plans for our yard too.  For now, we must start small.  And cheap.  Let's not forget cheap people. 

Ahh, cheap labor.  We got this shrub for half off at Lowes b/c it had a few dead leaves.  IT is gorgeous!  We had these at our other home and they do well and look fantastic.  They get big.

Reni pulling out the honeysuckles that were taking over this beautiful rhododendron.  Really is spectacular.

Here are the purple flowers on it.  Breath taking while sitting on the patio.

Previous residents left us their bird feeder.  No reason to take it down, it is functioning.  That behind it covering the ground is periwinkle.  It is ground cover and spreads fast, as you can see.  Gets little purple flowers on it in the spring.  I love it and could never get it to grow at the last house and now it is all over here.

Previous residents also left this beautiful glass humming bird feeder.  Why not use it.  Free and works.  Can't beat that for frugal.

Max getting ready to dig holes.  Free labor.  A big bonus when landscaping on a budget.

I got these river birch trees for just $10 a piece at Lowes.  These will be great in about two years.  We had these before and they just require a lot of water.  They grow fairly high and will spread out.  Perfect addition to the front yard for just $10!

Been doing this a lot lately too.  Reusing plants in the yard in a different location.  Works wonders.

The impatients I planted.  They were on clearance but not as much as the trees.  Just a little.  But, these spread.  Even though annuals, they tend to come back yearly as they go to seed.

Rose bushes.  We have a lot of these and are leaving them be.

Our Iris'.  We simply moved them all to one section as this yard had some random ones throughout the front.

Love them.  We have this color, purple and yellow ones.

Now, these are my favorite and a splurge.  These are the wave petunias and will get very full, very high & are stunning.  I try to keep to one color theme or two.  Pinks and purples.  Love whites but they start to look dingy when they start dying.  Darker colors don't show that as much.

Quite proud of these containers.  Cost .50 a container!  Yep.  6 pack of petunias on their clearance rack for .50.  Side porch looking good for just $1.50.  Can't beat that one.

Rest of my petunias I planted in the front of the shrubs.  They will add color along the pathway to the side entrance.  So, go to the back of Lowes to their clearance section.  Also, use what you have in your own yard.  Sometimes, splitting plants is also cost saving. 

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