Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Homeschooling-- how's it going

Loaded question this one is.  Being honest.  During the move, we did nothing.  Not going to lie.  Nothing. Stuff was packed up, we were packing, unpacking, couldn't find stuff, etc.  Wasn't ideal.  However, this all allowed us to get the school stuff really, really organized, throw stuff out not needed and see what books we had/ didn't have.  We will be extending school this year through June as we really did have about a month off.  We usually follow the traditional school calender but have to extend ours due to the move and that is okay. 

Now, back in full swing.  Right now, mine are working on an English assignment I gave them and practicing their capitals & states.  Summer has forgotten, once again, her alphabet.  The connections in her brain are NOT there.  Remember, she is completely missing her corpus callosum and that connects the two hemispheres.  A real problem with learning and I am trying to work on it as her therapists were as well.  No more therapists so we are trying to figure it all out. 

I am trying to plan out what we are doing with everyone next year.  I do know we will do some online cirriculums for the first time ever.  Hope it works.  We want to take classes locally but don't believe there are any at the moment.  Though, the church we are now attending wants to start a homeschool co-op and I think that will open up many opportunities for us all. 

We are getting back into school and picking up where we left off.  Now, getting into US geography and ocean animals.  This week...sharks.

They did a lapbook on sharks and built a shark.  Plans are to go to the aquarium at some point in the future this summer.

Bojan and Nik working on the shark together.  Umm, this thing was way more work than you think.


Nik wanted Max in the picture.  Max obliged.  LOL.

Nik was rather proud of his shark.  It really was cute.

Shows the inside too which was nice.  We like hands on type of things here for learning.

I know we have a lot to catch up on for school but we're getting there bit by bit.  changing things up for next year to help ensure more success....I hope.  time will tell.  For now, finishing things up here.

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