Thursday, May 21, 2015

Growing, Grills, and Getting Things Done

It is spring and a new house with many flowers and trees is just awesome.  Time to plant and time to tend to the yard and garden.  We were unable to get the garden up and running. But, we did manage to plant seeds and will have a couple of items. 

 Gladiolous bulbs for .99.  14 for .99.  Can't beat a dollar flower container. 

Other side we have trailing petunias.  Sofie's favorite color.

Homeschoolers are planting seeds and then tracking for a week what they did and if they grew.

We planted peppers, tomatoes, basil, and green onions in some containers.  They're growing but we truly want a big garden.  Next year for sure!

The other day, we got a new grill.  This picture taken from inside the house.  Boys wanted to assemble it right away.

They all got straight to work.  Familiar as we've had this grill before.

Definitely big enough for this crowd and company.  Truly enjoy it.  And, now we don't feel like we're going to kill someone after cooking on it.  LOL.  Old grill was so rusted through you were almost afraid of toxins getting onto the meat.  

I have a list of projects we are trying to knock out around here.   This sideboard piece Alaska had chewed all up and it looked more than 'distressed.'  So, we decided to paint it.

Alex said he'd do it for me.  Hey, a $3 paint sample from Lowes goes a long way.  We wanted something with color as we have a lot of tan/ beige walls right now.  Will for awhile b/c only painting two rooms in here.  So, this is a quick way to make furniture look new again and add color.

It wasn't dry yet when I took the picture.  We like the color a lot and that it looks new again.  Just wished he would have taken out the towels before starting this.  And the Christmas stockings.  But, this looks great and didn't take long at all to do.  More projects to come.

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