Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Game Changer for Little Guy

So, I've explained on Facebook some but not on the blog.  Little Guy has had a rough past it appears.  I won't go into details on here.  Suffice it to say, not so great at the orphanage and leave it at that.  One thing is something that triggers a memory.  One of those, is the car seat.  All he has to do is hear our diesel run and he screams and reaches for the door to the house.  Once in the car, it was even worse.  You'd think we were torturing him.  He would kick himself in the head, bang his head, scream till he could barely breath, etc.  It truly was a safety issue.  Not to mention, none of us have wanted to go anywhere for a long, long time.  Well, after trying all sorts of suggestions from therapists, docs, etc.  I turned to Facebook.  A friend suggested a car seat with no harnesses.  I had never heard of such a thing.  It was his trigger for sure.  We all knew it, just didn't know how to fix it.

This seat, this seat right here is the game changer.  Bit the bullet and used part of tax money to buy a new car seat.  This one has no straps.  European design.  I checked with two or three car seat techs and law enforcement to see if this was okay and legal here.  It is.  I was also at first concern the shield (not shown in picture above) would not be enough.  It is plenty.  Covers his entire midsection up to his chest.  No way to thrust forward and shield tight enough, can't fall out.  We received this seat today and drove to church.  It was the FIRST time he did not cry or beat himself up in the car.  He can not kick himself in this seat.  It is tight enough, acts as a weighted blanket.  He can't really bang his head too well.  He is very secure.  I would never recommend this to infants though.  I can see them being way too small.  Plus, there is a size to it.  Weight limitations and such.  He can't unbuckle this seat either.  That black piece is extra cushioning you can remove.  He is so thin and bony, this actually helps him b/c therapists and us also figured out it hurt him to sit in the other car seat as well.  We were at the point, that I have an email I received last week about a design team designing a special seat for him at Duke.  A team of students that tries to fix problems and such.  Unique team one of our people suggested.  Anyhow, this seems to be the solution.  Everyone is at peace.  He can ride with no fear and no pain in this seat.  Worth every penny.  I know it is NOT for everyone.  We researched.  For our situation, it works.  For our son, it means no trauma, no bad memories every time he is in the car.  To us, that is priceless. Again, this is a solution that worked for us.  Won't work for everyone.  The shield in front is what makes the difference.  Need to take a picture of it all put together.  Or, the sense of calm in my son.  That would be the best picture.  No nervous drivers any more risking ALL our lives with the screams coming from him so badly that we couldn't concentrate.  Trying to look back at him and calm him.  Was a safety issue.  This car seat was the game changer.  I can not tell you how incredible we all felt this evening going to church.  I was driving w/out my heart racing worrying about him.  He was calm.  The kids were enjoying themselves again, we all felt more relaxed and I for one finally felt safer.  The car seat we had before was a Britax.  Have one for Sofie as well.  Great seats.  Just for our traumatized son, it did not work.  Wanted to share in case others have issues as well.

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