Thursday, May 7, 2015

Friends from Afar

One benefit I think to my kids being adopted is that they have been able to have friends from all over.  We've met at reunions, camps, campgrounds, orphanages, etc.  My kids have been able to stay in touch with some of them over the years.  Recently, one sent Reni a birthday present along with little gifts to share with the others.  Very sweet of Ana. 

Always fun to get an unsuspecting package in the mail.

Opening up and seeing what is inside.  Course, other sibs have to watch.

T-shirts are always a hit with my kids.  My Texas friends will love it.

IRina looking through some other items in the package.

Nik waiting to see if there is anything for him while Reni sorts some bracelets.

 Minecraft can only be for one person!  He was beyond pleased.

Reni read a sweet note from her friend enjoying every word.  Was super sweet.  

Nice to have friends from all over and unexpected surprises are an added bonus.

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