Thursday, May 28, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- part III D

The day that never ends.  Saturday is always the longest day at Camp Cheerio and always has so much fun packed into it.  Love it.  After the waterslide, it was dinner time.

Warren playing a game while doing daddy duty holding Little Guy.

Summer having way too much fun.

Irina waiting for her siblings so we could all trek to dinner together.

Sofie sporting a mustache that glows in teh dark and a shirt she made at camp.

Little Guy didn't keep the mustache on so long.  Notice, he holds on SO tight, he turns our fingers purple!  Literally.  Death grip.

Sofie and her buddy dancing.  These two hung out the whole time together.  Well, that is until Sofie decided she should take her to another building!  I'm telling you, that one needs a tag of some sort.  She is definitely my wanderer/ explorer.

The adults are just as much kids during the weekend as are the kids.  Keetha is such a great sport and I'm sure Bojan chatted her ears off.

Max with his glow in the dark glasses.  He's not much of a dancer so he headed for some quiet time at the cafeteria to read.  

Since we had both sides of the cabin this year, the kids really got to spread out.

Sisters through and through.

Alyona getting ready to sleep.  This year, we realized ALL our sleeping bags were left in the the shop.  We improvised.

Summer fell asleep of course wtih her frog.  Love it.

Definitely exhausted from a long, long day.  He played hard but loved it.  No, he didn't sleep the whole night but at least most of it.  The next day it was time to say goodbye.  More in a bit.

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  1. Do all the kids still go? I didn't see any pictures of Yana so just wondering!