Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- part III C

I know there were quite a few pictures in the last post.  Will probably be the same for this one too.  Just so much to share about this wonderful camp that is like a second family to us.  Hope you all don't mind me sharing.  After the camp experience and the hikers were back, we all got ready for the waterslide.

Something knew this year.  Bojan is showing Nik how to shoot.

Love this picture.  Big brother helping little brother learn to shoot a gun.

It was too hard for him to cock it back.  So, bojan helped him every time.

Nik's aim was amazing for a first time shooter.

Reni learning.  She was having a really, really hard time but think that is b/c of her eyes.  She could not aim at all.  Also makes me wonder if we should get them checked before the year mark.  So, the instructor shot some for her.

Reni retrieving hers and Nik anxious to see how his sister did.

Reni and Nik showing off their targets.  Nik had a blast.  Reni does not like this one and is more fond of ziplining.  

Nik and Bojan hanging out.

So, not so great picture of me.  No makeup, no sleep and there you have it.  But Nate was content.  

And here comes Summer down the slide.  Nik was too fast so no pictures of him.

Little Guy decided at first that the grass was more fun.

Not sure about the tongue face.  LOL.

And he's thinking.  Here is the deal.  He kept pulling me up. So, I walked with him.  He went straight towards the slide.  Then, he takes me up the hill!

Nik in action.  best I could do w/ as fast as he's going.

Sofie is a pro at this now.

She is growing up, isn't she?  She was freezing.  But kept going.

Summer.  Wonder why she has shorts on?  B/c she didn't try her suit on before she packed and it was way, way too small.  We improvise at our house.

After Little Guy led me up the hill, I figured why not. Plopped him on Logan's lap and down he went.  He had SO MUCH fun, he wanted to go again.  I let him.  It was just pure joy for him and so nice to see.

Too many pictures on this post, so I"ll break it up again and have the rest of day two in another post.

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  1. Never too many photos! I love watching your Kiddos in action!