Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- part III B

I am determined to finish about Camp Cheerio this year.  So, so many other things to discuss.  So, Saturday after lunch, the high schoolers went hiking.  Warren took them as we have the big van.  I stayed back for the camp experience part of the trip.  I picked up Reni and Nik and Bojan came too since he couldn't hike.  And we met up with Alyona as well.  All of us went together to go do some activities.

Yep, that's her idea of participating at camp.

Nik getting almost to the top .  He did ring the bell and get to the top though.

Nik getting ready to shoot.

Bojan and Reni waiting for a turn at archery.

Reni, getting ready to shoot.  With her eyes, she seemed to have a great deal of trouble with this.

Bojan, also getting ready to shoot.

Alyona went last year.  Did not like it a bit.  So she just observed the zipliners.

Nik going down.  He went down several times.

Reni and Bojan getting geared up.

Nik helping tell his brother what he needs to do.  And of course get a picture with him.

And off he went.  The legs even stayed on!

Next up was Reni.  She....was....TERRIFIED!!!

Legs squatting up and down, up and down.

She was going back and forth with crying yet wanting to go.

The guide was beyond awesome and patient.  As was all her friends on the ground cheering her on.

Maybe, maybe not?

At this point, we thought she really wasn't going to go.

This is her walking up from the zipline, after she went down it.  Loved every minute of it and went about another five times between then and the next day.  After 15 minutes, lots of tears and lots of coaxing, Reni tried something new and loved it.  Proud of her. 

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