Monday, May 18, 2015

Camp Cheerio -- Part II

It was a long night that first night of no sleep.  And Little Guy woke up once on top of that.  But,  you are much too excited to think about the no sleep bit.  Too much fun to be had and the weather was spectacular this year.  So, wake up the walking dead and head to breakfast.  The food there is always delicious.  No exception this year.  Some of the kids sit with their friends of course.  Kind of sad that this year, Nik left the mom and dad table to go sit with others yet glad he did.  Means he's growing up and confident to be independent.

 Why not a few out takes from waiting for all the others to come and sit down.

 And another.  They look bored waiting for their siblings.

 So, why not liven it up a little with two goofballs. 

 Nik's new best buddy Bojan.  Umm, Bojan let's Nik play Minecraft on his computer. 

Someone at camp got a frog and immediately thought of Summer.  She slept with it.  Course, had to take it away one night since she teased Sofie with it.  She got it back later. 

Reni and Irina playing with the ring toss thing.  Need one for our backyard.  Easy to make.  Got to find a spot though that would work.  Our cabin this year was right by the cafeteria.  Perfect!  Views are awesome there.

More out takes of all of them.  Have a pile of out takes.  These were about as good as tehy get.

 And one day, they'll all smile.  Right?

 Yes, he looks thrilled.  NOT a morning person is all I will say about that one.

 Some of the kids headed to the gym.

Alex carrying Little Guy.  We can't carry him normally nor put him in a stroller.  You have to hold him so he doesn't bang his head or let his hands bang his head or such.  Weird but we've all gotten used to carrying him slung over our shoulders with his hands tucked under him so they can't go anywhere or carrying him almost like a baby but not quite.  Only the older kids can handle him.  He's too squirmy for the others.  And that's okay.  we've made it work.  We all take turns.  But boy oh boy, some days I truly wish he'd like a stroller.  

So, getting to late to finish this.  Have to do a part IIB tomorrow.  Been a busy, busy day today. 

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