Thursday, May 21, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- Part II B

Okay, must have been tired when I wrote the last Camp Cheerio post.  That was not day two, but day one I showed.  Losing my mind slowly but surely.  Time to get started again. 

Max pulling Nik as well as some other kids all over the gym.

I know it is blurry but I have hardly any pictures of the older kids b/c as soon as we get to camp, they are off with friends.  Hence, all the little kid pictures.  So, found one of Alyona.

Sofie waiting for dinner.  This is her idea of the dinner line.

Another of Sofie.  She couldn't stand still in line.  So the grass was better.  LOL.

Summer Grace.  Her name says it all.

She is really starting to grow up way too fast for me.

Little Guy had to enjoy the grass along with his sisters.  Pulling it and throwing it all over.  Hey, if it keeps them entertained, I'm all for it.

Summer and her frog.  She loves it as you can see.  Had to take it away one night b/c she was teasing Sofie with it though.

He was so zonked this is how he ended up.  Sock half off, legs up in the air.  Poor kid. But, all had fun day one and night one so that was wonderful. 

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