Sunday, May 17, 2015

Camp Cheerio-- part 1

We were getting ready to go to Camp Cheerio.  Of course it was the same day our social worker was coming for a visit for 2 post placement reports.  I warned her they'd be excited.  LOL.  She left at 9 that night and then we got to packing and getting ready.

I was trying to get them to say Camp Cheerio.  Nik is appropriately wearing a shirt that says 'I can hear...I'm just not listening.'  We had to make do with bags and bedding as our RV is in the shop with all the sleeping bags and bags stored in it.  LOL.  Hey, we are great at improvising.

They had a book swap this year.  This is just one of the crates we toted there.  Literal piles of books.  Umm, it took up a lot of space.  Never again.

Dogs knew we were leaving and none to pleased about it.  Digby and his sad look.

Tried to just hold up the camera and get a group shot.  Yeh, good luck with that one.  LOL.

So, Sofie isn't in the car even five minutes and has her shoes kicked off.  Diapers all next to the window.  She is in another mood b/c her brother got a new car seat and she did not.  She is mad. 

Now the real fun begins.  They all look thrilled.  None do well with long car rides.  And this isn't even that long!  Notice Little Guy's new car seat?  This is the one I wrote about.  On a different note, the scratches all over his face and neck are hard to take.  I know I haven't written much about him on the blog.  But feel it is time to keep things honest and open as other adoptive parents experience the same thing with certain kids.  Self-harming behaviors.  Our son is very much sensory seeking.  Any type of stimulation even if it means scratching himself.  It is sad and hard as there isn't much you can do.  We have clipped his nails to nothing and do everything the therapists had suggested.  He has a helmet but that will not help with the scratching.  Plus, for hte most part, his head banging has stopped.  So that is a great thing.  Now, to work on this scratching.  And for him, I think no-no's would make things worse to be honest.  Praying he finds comfort soon in knowing he is loved.  Time will tell.  And this is the first part of our journey....getting there.  

After we arrived, we immediately went to lunch.  Afterwards, classes for adults, activities for the kids.  Little Guy even had a one on one which was fantastic.  Max and Irina were volunteers this year.  Now, after the classes and such, it was dinner time.  Then, ice cream social and game night.  Little kids were exhausted of course.  Frankly, so were the adults.  LOL.  Great first day.  Don't take pictures of everything as we are simply having too much fun to. 

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