Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Breakfast-- a little twist

Moving to our new home, we have done things a little differently here and there.  As always, we are trying to save money here and there.  Cut where we can.  Tried something new the other day.

 Powdered milk. Surprisingly, it tastes the same.  However, even more surprisingly is that the cost is the SAME as if we just buy milk by the gallon.  I calculated it all out.  Was very disappointed as was hoping it could have saved us.  So, since costs are the same, back to gallon milk w/ no savings.  Bummer.  But, nice to have in an emergency situation.  So, at least we now know.

Our patio on this house is right off the kitchen.  We love, love, love it!  It is shaded and just peaceful.  So, the other day, step outside for breakfast.  Why not?  Nice to get some fresh air in the morning.  Eating outside in the morning is definitely something we can get used to.  Last house, the backyard was completely in the sun.  This one is more shaded.  Thankful for that.  We are slowly filling the patio with flowers and container vegetables.  Yum.  Going to build a potato bin soon and see how it goes.  

More bits and pieces to come.  Playing catch up on this blog...a lot of catch up.  Today, my van is in the shop getting new tires, an alignment and inspection.  Our RV is also in the shop.  Don't know the cost of that one yet but are rather nervous.  Not going to be an easy fix unfortunately.  But, we keep our vehicles running for as long and as best we can.  This gave us a chance to go nowhere today and get things done.  Kids are doing an English assignment and practicing their state capitals.  they've been practicing the states on a map but we are introducing the capitals this week.  We built a shark from a kit yesterday.  Trying to find our groove here.  Thinking about how we want to do things next year.  More to come later.  Bit by bit, this blog will get caught up with happenings around here and also, some thoughts of what happens as the kids get older and their needs change. 

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