Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Nomad Life-- not for us

As I said, after moving out, we were not able to do a door to door move as a last minute bit from the seller.  That was tough.  I mean really, really tough.  Here we were, ALL our stuff, vehicles (including an RV mind you), and all our kids with no home to live at.  Oh, add to it, a sick little one during this duration.  Was not a great combo.  However, gracious friends made it that much better.  Made us realize we had so many wonderful people in our lives even as we were moving away from them.  Now, that is true friendship.  They were golden.  Even helped us give Reni a birthday cake.  During the move, we had Max's birthday and Reni's a week later.  Our hosts made everything calm and better.  Provided, shelter and food.  And after long days of moving, running all over the place, making sure all loose ends are tied up, it was very much appreciated.  I can't say enough good things about all the friends in our life.  I can't.  Just too much to name.  Really is.  Will never forget them and what they did for our family during that tough week.  Some pics from that week.  We packed up our home on Tuesday and moved into our new place on a Friday. 

Alyona being alyona.

Reni showing off the birthday cake her friends made her.

They made her a cake and cupcakes too.  Ernie is her nickname.

She really enjoyed this time with friends and family for her birthday. Was so awesome.  I have a fantastic picture w/ everyone but just can't show it on here yet.  Will in time b/c it's just great to be surrounded by friends.

Sofie, my chocoholic.  Thank goodness she can never sit still to burn it off.  Giving her sister a birthday hug.

At another friend's home we were greeted with goodies including fresh strawberries.  We also had goodies leftover we brought from a friendn of ours which really came in handy.

By the time we got there it was almost 10 at night I think.  Had some yogurt for dinner and other things.  Can you tell the poor kids are just exhausted and ready to sleep.  We all were.  We had a bed to fall into that evening and were greatful.  My other kids stayed at the other friend's house and Bojan with his friend.  Again, a crazy time for all of us.  Living day to day waiting for our move in day.  Came before we knew it. 

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