Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nik's Drawings

Today has been something else.  I know I have a lot of catching up to do.  Working on it.  So, hodge podge of posts.  Anyhow, thought we'd break it up with Nik's drawings.  Found a binder of his.  He's back to his Stephen King like drawings.  enjoy. 

Lately, our youngest son has been screaming and head banging.  Tics have returned to.  Part of it may be trauma from the move.  Nik illustrated nicely how he feels.  Broken glass, guy passed out from the screams, someone holding their ears w/ blood running out the ears.  I would say it's loud.

Summer, Dimitri, and Nik.  Meanwhile, Sofie is getting eaten by some creature.

Did not like Summer this day.  It's raining on her.

A boxing ring.  Alex is sending a knock out punch to Little Guy.  Stadium filled with people.

Nik and Little Guy jumping out of a plane.

Look closer.  Little Guy has no parachute!  And Nik is smiling the whole time.

Mom with screaming Little Guy.  Told you it was a rough week.  LOL.

Umm, i did not realize he knew where babies came from.

Doctor giving the patient an EEG.  Not sure who the patient is on this one.

Nik and his drawing of Shaun the Sheep.  He loves Shaun the Sheep.

Riding bikes off a cliff.  why not?

He really must not have liked Reni this day.  Drew her old and stinky.

Max is in jail.  Alex is in jail on the toilet.  Not sure who the other guy is or why they are all in jail.

Reni being put in jail.  Summer in jail and not sure of last one.

 Big house with Summer ripping shingles off the roof.

Waiting below is dad and mom.  with piles of shingles on the ground.  Police have handcuffs at the ready.  

Closer look at that roof work and broken window.

A birthday party.  Everyone has a present.  Nik's is that huge cake of course.  Kid upset at the end of the table is Alex with a bowl of salad, water and no presents.  

No worries, he is not going to try to kill of his siblings.  I could show you the loving pictures too but those would be boring.  The teddy bears and hearts.  He does those too but creates these depending upon who is angry with that day or what movie he's watched.  We were studying weather this week and watched twister.  Tornadoes were his theme of drawings and much destruction and death.  Those who've met Nik knows he thinks differently.  I can assure you, he loves his sibs.  Well, not keen on Irina or our dog Digby.  But everyone else, he's good with.

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