Saturday, April 25, 2015

Moving Out Day

The day finally came.  Though we'd been without most our furniture the last few days, this was the day we actually had to be out of the house.  Our house.  Our home.  Our refuge.  Cleaning out the last few things and then cleaning up was bittersweet.  It was our home no more.  Well, technically, it is but for the most part, it's not.  We would never reside there again.  Everything from that moment on was about to change.  All of it. 

Some of them taking time for a picture.  They kept smiles on for most the day which was wonderful considering just howm uch we were working.

Nik making sure his last bits of stuff was packed up.  Night light toy he uses every night.  The box is his minecraft ghost.

Max was dusting the walls.  Probably the cleanest its looked since we moved in. 

Empty rooms.  Echoes.  Just was a very weird feeling for sure.

Bojan, comforting Alaska who was clearly nervous about the whole thing.  She had no idea what was to come.

No more movies or stockings on the mantel.

No more meals coming out of the kitchen.  Alyona cleaning out the fridge.

Not everything would fit so we put things away around the shed and would come back in a few days to load it all up once and for all.

It was time to say goodbye.  Many wonderful memories were made here.  Kids grew up here.  It was our home.  The only home almost all our kids knew other than the orphanage.  We loved it here.  But, in the same token, it was time to move on.  Time to grow.  Time to go.  

That same day while cleaning the house, I received a call from my old homestudy agency.  The NGO Vesta had contacted them saying they were missing our PPR from Summer, Reni and Logan.  We had done these and turned them into our agency at the time that has since gone out of business.  They never sent them.  That is what we were told as well as other families were told.  Can not know for sure as we were not there.  However, now we have to foot the bill to apostille them, and send them to Bulgaria.  Thankfully, our homestudy agency at the time still has all our copies of the reports that were indeed done.  We are not the only family this happened to.  Just wasn't needed on top of a move to contend with.  Really.  

So, we were not able to move door to door.  Thanks to the generosity of friends, we headed to their house that night.  Kids slept in the house, Warren and I & Little Guy slept in the RV in their yard.  Dogs in the RV too.  Dogs were panic stricken.  Rough night was an understatement.  Next day, tons more to take care of.  And medical appointments and dental appointments.  We stayed at two different friends' houses and Bojan stayed with his best friend at our old neighborhood.  And the story continues in another post.  

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