Friday, April 24, 2015

Moving Out-- continued

Gee, best finish up on moving as so very much happened that week.  Many coming in and out to say goodbye.  Those were hard. 

Friends came over.  This is a friend of Bojan's.  Lived right down the street.  We watched both of them grow up.  Crazy how time flies.  His mom made a sweet photo book for Bojan.  Made us all cry.  Told you, we really do have wonderful friends...all of us.

Nik wanted in the picture so they kindly obliged.

After moving and such, we needed a break.  Went to watch Alex play his first and sadly last soccer game of the season as we had to move.

 Alex has a real knack for this sport and loves it.  Very passionate about soccer.  We have a huge back yard now for him to practice in which is nice.  No one lives behind us so the ball can fly.

Siblings and friends cheering him on.

Sofie had no hesitation in cheering him on by yelling at him.

After, it was box duty yet again so we could pack up more stuff.

Summer was drafted too into dumpster diving for boxes.  LOL.

Nik made sure we knew where his minecraft ghost was.  Front seat of the van no less.

More of the truck getting loaded up.  This was a long process and the kids truly were great sports about it.  More on our week and actually moving day.  Never dull.  Including a call from an old adoption agency that said we never turned in the PPR's.  Turned out, agency dropped the ball!  (found out directly from the NGO what happened to multiple families).  More later on that one.  Just by pictures, you can truly not know how hard that moving week was for our family.  More on that one later too!

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