Sunday, April 19, 2015

Max's Birthday-- teen no more

In the midst of crazy moving week, we had almost forgotten about an important milestone for Max.  That day was insane and we were barely home.  At Duke for medical appointments, taking care of moving stuff, etc.  Needless to say, I didn't even have a cake.  Well, neighbors came through once again.  They heard it was his birthday, knew I was busy and bought him a cake.  We came home and the kids shouted "Tim got Max a birthday cake!  We can sing now."  It was such a weight lifted.  Really was. 

After working all day, nice to have a birthday cake.  A teenager no more.  Max is now 20yo.  So very, very hard to believe.  He came home to us at 4yo.

That smile trying to come out.

We still had the table up which was nice to be able to celebrate.  No candles as we couldn't find the candles that day.  Most of the kitchen had been packed up already.  We pretended.

Was a nice way to end a very, very long day.  Max was a great sport about the whole thing and we loved that.  He has really grown into a wonderful young man.  Still has a lot to learn in life but a great start to adulthood. 

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