Sunday, April 19, 2015

And we are H-O-M-E.

So very much has happened over the last 4 weeks.  Not even sure where to begin.  We moved.  Obviously.  I'll start from the before part of the move I suppose.  We'll do it in pictures as well, you get a taste of it.  Minus the anger, regression, crying, trauma, etc. of the move itself.  Count yourself lucky you didn't experience that part of it.  I knew it would happen.  But that doesn't make it any easier.  Throw in Reni and Max's birthdays for good measure as well.  Anyhow, some pictures of the move.

This was the chaos we had to live in.  And, we could not let little Guy down to play was the worst part as he couldn't crawl around for fear of something going in the mouth.  We took turns with him.  And top all this mess off with an OCD daughter who hates a mess.  Well, that doesn't go over well.

And this is why cooking the last week and a half was so dog gone difficult.  We ended up going to plastic cups and paper plates.  We missed regular meals.  Moving was tough.

One of the last nights we had couches AND a tv.

Going out the front door made you realize the move was really happening.

The girls' room view for the last week we lived there.

We all would find spots to just sit once we loaded up the couches and living room stuff, we had nothing to sit on.  Nothing.  We have more at the campgrounds than we did at our house the last few days.

You don't realize just how much is in a house till you have to pack it all up!   Insane.

This was the downstairs girls' room.  The mattress on the floor is where Sofie slept the last few days.  I tell you, we were never so happy to see our beds again.

Our stuff was slowly loaded onto a variety of trailers we had gracious friends loan us.  We were able to load over the course of a few days time.

The older boys and dad working together. They were the heavy lifters throughout our move.

Watching them bring the heavy, heavy stuff down was always so nerve wrecking.  We knew one wrong step and quite a few would be very, very hurt.  Thankfully, they did fantastic.

Apparently, more emphasizes should be on spelling next semester!  Movies and Discs is what I asked him to write!  Discs people.  Not sure what neighbors would think if they saw this box.

And the little surprises before we left were the best.  Long days of moving and desserts were a very welcome treat.  Thank you Nancy!  More to come.  Moving day was something else including a call from an agency we used years ago.  Interesting call, that's for sure.


  1. Yep I did a double take at the label on that box!!

  2. Yep I did a double take at the label on that box!!

  3. Hey Steph! It's me, Ginger. Iadopted5. Anyways, haven't been on your blog in, well...forever! Been spending time catching up and lo & behold just got the biggest laugh from the "movies and spare 'discs'" !!! Oh. My. Word!!! Too funny. We have a Christmas box we pull out every year that is labeled "gargland" instead of garland. I don't think I'll ever change it as it brings a chuckle every year. My daughter, who is now 21, still writes Happy Mouther's Day on my Mother's Day cards because she did this when she was oh, say, 7 or so? And we laugh every year. Such fond memories and your "disc" box just made me laugh so hard I had to explain to the hubby what I was laughing at. I missed reading up on your family and so glad you all are doing well and the move has finally happened. Bless you, my blog friend, bless you and that lovely family of yours!