Thursday, March 26, 2015

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

There is no way you can make this stuff up.  Our life is being turned upside down, inside out.  Really, better than a sitcom/ drama series.  It has been one thing after the other.  I will keep this short.  Here is the deal.  We were to close on the 31st.  That has now been pushed back to April 2nd.  Got word this morning that we can't move in until April 3rd, Friday (Good Friday) after 5pm!  Even though house will be technically ours the day before.  So, what does this mean?  Since our renters have to be in here on the 1st, it means we are literally homeless for 3 nights.  Lovely.  So, been thinking of solutions all day.  We have the dogs too.  RV and tents it is!  For one night. Thankfully, a house for the next two nights at a friend's.  Cooking we can do at their houses somewhat.  Going to try to cook ahead this weekend as eating out is out of the question.  Not cost effective at all and after paying the ungodly amount of $200 to hook up the phone, yes, eating is out of the question.  LOL.  So, move out Tuesday with not so much help.  We have scrambled to find trailers to put our stuff on at various locations across quite a few counties.  On Friday, have to retrieve said trailers and move to new place but not till late.  No idea what to do with the dogs yet.  Thankfully, 2 goldfish died today.  And yes, that may sound awful but you have NO IDEA what the last 48 hours have been like at Chaos Manor.  Everything that was set up had to be unset and reset wtih the new date.  Everything.  Now, move in day is Good Friday so barely any help.  Take into that, kids who are already melting down, regressing, etc. due to this house being turned upside down right now and well, recipe for disaster.  Warren sounds like he's getting pneumonia or bronchitis again.  Bojan's leg is way too small and I haven't time to get him to his guy.  Going to try to arrange for a weekend meeting.  Plans were originally to go this Friday but that has all changed.  In addition, now Reni has to go to doc tomorrow.  And, listened to Alyona's heart (she had ASD) tonight.  Something is not quite right and complaining of chest pains.  So, taking her in tomorrow too.  While picking up one of the trailers in the pouring rain.  Ahh, moving.  I could tell you everything else that has happened but truly, you don't want to know.  Praying it goes up from here. 

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