Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our Last Night Here

This post will have to be short.  I am writing in an essentially empty house.  This is hard.  Didn't think it would be this hard but it is.   As more and more folks stop by to say goodbye, it is crystal clear just how much our family was loved here.  We have been showered with love and it means the world to us.  Our neighbors and friends.  You really can't ask for any better.   They have been with us through hospital stays, school issues, graduations, kids leaving home and about anything else under the sun.  I will never forget when the local search and rescue teams were called to our home.  Alex was missing.  The officer telling me to call off some of these people and then saying "who are all these people?!"  I said our friends and neighbors.  ATV's, golf carts, walking, cars, dogs, etc.  The entire neighborhood it seemed was helping us look for our son.  That is when you know, they have your back.  Food brought at difficult times such as long hospital stays.  Emergencies and neighbors dropping everything in  a heartbeat to stay with your kids or even pick them up from school.  The love is all around us.  We truly have been blessed by living here.  We love this home.  We love our neighborhood.  We love our friends.  Tomorrow, it is all packed up.  Everything.  I stare at an empty house and know that it will never be the same after tomorrow.  To say we will miss all this is a grave understatement.  I will miss death hill to sled on during ice/snow storms.  I will miss the haunted house one neighbor puts on.  Or all the Christmas lights.  Or seeing the guy walk his dog every single day.  The waves from friendly faces.  The stupid fireworks on the next street over.  They celebrate every holiday even if there's not one just to shoot off fireworks.  LOL.  I will miss it.  I will miss the late nights in our pool.  The parties.  The cookouts.  The kids' friends just opening the door w/out even knocking. Them calling me mom as well.  I will miss them stealing our goodies as I make them.  I will miss it all.  Every last bit of it.  Everything that makes this house a home, I will miss.  It's the people around you that make it a home.  I know we will take our memories with us and even make new ones.  But boy oh boy, I will miss this home we love so very much.  I will miss the people more that helped make this a home.  I only can hope the people in our new neighborhood are half as wonderful as everyone here.  I truly do. 

We will be offline the next few days as we slowly transition to the new home on Friday.  Move in day.  Tuesday, we have to be out of this one.  that's right, once again friends stepped in and are helping us out by letting us stay with them for three nights.  I wish I could put the new house/ town here.  Or at least take our friends and neighbors with us.  But I can't.  change is a part of life.  Tonight, it is the not so fun part.  I will miss it all. 

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