Friday, March 27, 2015

New Van Window

It happens.  Whether a rock or a soccer ball, we have had our share of replacement windows on our cars and house.  We always call the same local business as they rock at getting the job done.

Locals, these are THE folks to call!  Prompt, reliable, friendly and put up w/ my kids.   That says a lot right there about their character.

Hard to see but  the cracks were herendous.  He told us these windows are hard to break.

Reni watching everything getting cleaned up.

More kids started gathering.  Half dressed, half in pajamas.  This is how we roll during this move.

Nothing like pajamas and boots in the morning.  Sure the new place is ready for the Boyd Bunch?

Derick taking one last look to make sure it is all done correctly.  Was nice to have him come to the house and fix it.  This was a busy, busy day for us.  Huge thanks to Prestige for making it a tad easier.  Hopefully, we won't have to call them again too soon but we are great customers so not holding my breath on this one.  He does houses too.  As in windows.  You know, in case two of your boys happen to fight w/ shoes and bust out the second story window.  Not that it's happened here you know. 

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