Thursday, March 26, 2015

Moving Out Discoveries

When you live in a home for many years and you move out, you discover a few things while doing so.

You discover someone was too lazy to take things down and just painted around it.

Also, discover the lazy dusters were about as well.

You can't stack books neatly, no matter how hard you tried.

 When moving and asking your son to take down a birdhouse, you discover it is a chance to do it without a ladder.   Hey, it works.

You realize you must assign someone to the toddler who is recently more ambulatory or you will discover a mess.  Little guy took a whole box of tissues and the sock bin under my bed out.

When moving out, you discover your kids favorite toys as they are constantly afraid of them being packed away.

You quickly realize you should purge more often.

You forget to make dinner....a lot.  So, have to come up with quick meals like egg salad.

You start seeing stacks of stuff everywhere.

You stop and appreciate the little things.  Like when dad brings home small frostys for all the hard work that day.  Helps.  Right now, wished we could do this every day.  LOL.   Was nice at the end of a long day of packing. 

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