Monday, March 9, 2015

Manic Monday

I never can seem to get caught up on here lately, can I?  won't make any more promises of keeping up.  Just do what I can.  Just so much to share soon.  Here goes a condensed bit of what is coming this week. 

  •  Way too much on here to share!
  • Adoptions are still a go.  Waiting on the county here.
  • Kids are doing well
  • Little Guy is refusing to use his walker now
  • We are putting an offer in on a house this week
  • We must draw up all the rental contracts and such as well for this home
  • I can't believe we will most likely be moving
  • New home is beautiful
  • Kids have very mixed emotions about moving
  • Haven't started even packing yet
  • Much to do before we go
  • Going to miss it all here
  • Three eye appointments this week for Summer, Nik and Bojan
  • Bojan goes to prosthetist this week
  • Watching a few kids here and there for friends this week
  • Warren has severe sinus infection and bronchitis
  • Reni's hip still hurts. Thinking growing pains.  Will ask doc next time we're there
  • Need to schedule Logan's tonsillectomy
  • Need to get Little Guy seen for his hernias.  Already been seen but doc said wait till a little worse.  Well, now is the time unfortunately.  Hate surgeries.
  • Internet here has been flaky lately
  • Dogs need a bath
  • Working on new schedules here
  • Picked up many items today from a friend moving out of town.  Kids have been asking game questions all night.  LOL.
  • Still have money left to raise for Camp Cheerio
  • Still owe for adoption expenses (got to love those, huh?)
  • Sofie has become something else lately
  • Boys are doing a 30 hour fast for church this week
  • First soccer games of the season this week
  • Tons of therapies this week
  • Alyona is discharged from PT this week
  • Van needs new tires
  • Van and car need oil changes
  • Working on insurance claims
And much, much more.  Head is spinning with all happening at once.  But, we're getting it done.  bit by bit.  That is all you can do.  Don't stress it, just do it.  Hoping for good news this week on the house.  Keeping fingers crossed here.  More to come in the next few days for sure.

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