Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What To Do When Not Sledding

Last week we had ice.  Not much else.  Ice.  Makes it hard to do stuff.  But, we did have fun sledding.  Afterwards though, you need ideas after the movie and popcorn thing fades.  So, here's a few.  

Well,  you can get into the homeschool cubbies so that all the work your siblings did the day before is out the window.

Reni and Summer trying to figure out how to cut the bead string.  They have a pile of beadsand were truly having a ton of fun with it. though, this string was giving them a fit.

You can make peanut butter Hershey Kiss cookies.  Yumm!

Or, go back outside to goof around as Sofie and Summer did.

 Or, make ice balls.  NOT snowballs as there is no snow!  LOL.  This is all ice.

Agreement with these things was you could not throw at people.  Just the woods.  

Tons to do besides sled.  They had a great time last week in the ice.  Next posts tomorrow is about today's snow!  Pics with that as well.  Crazy week. Major snow headed this way tomorrow night.

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