Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Is Going On?

I have gotten quite a few emails.  Folks on Facebook know a little of what is going on.  But, figured now that things are calming down a bit more, I need to get back to blogging.  Was more relaxing believe it or not.  So, bottom line is we have had many little issues going on at once and well, they took precedence over the blog.  Just last week, we were scared.  Very nervous, very scared for our newest son...Little Guy.  We watched him regress into not walking,drooling, different gait, and just not himself.  It was awful.  Therapists and us were all guessing what happened.  Stroke?  Leukodystrophy, bad day, meds, what?!  We ruled out meds as this happened before we started the new med to help him sleep.  BTW, that is another story and a major fail.  Was a nightmare.  Our one therapist thinks that there had to be some type of trigger.  Now, he is back to his normal self.  Definitely a nice change!  I mentioned leukodystrophy.  It is the disease they tested him for weeks ago.  Results should be in any day. 

Soccer season starts this Saturday so that will bring on new schedules and hecticness.  And that's okay.  Fun times to be outside since this dog gone state appears to never see snow.  Yep, no snow this winter.  Houseguest, Summer and Sofie are in dance.  Teens all do youth group.  Since homeschoolers took Spanish last semester and a Civil War class, we did no extra classes this semester and instead will save that money for some day field trips in the spring.  Plan to go hiking, the aquarium, some museums, chocolate factory (organic one), and a few other events. 

So, just busy and waiting on a few words from doctors.  Need to get Logan in.  He needs his tonsils out.  Alyona did well with her surgery and is all recovered.  Much more to come with pictures to boot!  There is plenty to catch up on though I'll never be able to completely catch up.  Life is moving full speed ahead.  Awaiting our court date so we can make Little Guy and Houseguest final.  Feel like they've been here forever.  Need to go and sleep while I can. That is a whole separate post as Little Guy is not sleeping well.  Neurology is working on it but in the mean time, some long nights and tired brains.  Hopefully, most stuff I write will make sense.  Or not.  Stay tune for more posts the next few days.  I have a lot to say.

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