Thursday, February 12, 2015

Some Days

So my plan was to write a few more posts tonight.  Well, that didn't happen.  Some days are better than others.  That is just the truth here.  Tonight, Alyona insisted we check the washing machine as the machine has been 'eating' her clothes.  Max said there is nothing wrong with it.  Then, she brings me her clothes.  They've been slashed and cut up!  As of now, she has NO pajamas, literally 2 pair of pants and shirts took a hit too.  Upon closer examination, it appears someone went and cut her clothes.  My guess is Summer and Sofie but I have no proof.  Meantime, Alyona has nothing really left.  Of all the kids to happen to.  The one that is the hardest to fit by far b/c she is so skinny.  She wears a size 10/12.  I put word out on FB if any locals are selling.  We'll be checking out consignment shops this weekend.  Just sometimes you question the why of it all.  I swear some days CSI should use our home as a testing facility to solve crimes. 

Kids went to open gym tonight.  Bojan went to small group Bible study.  Houseguest, Summer and Sofie went to dance class and Alyona to small group as well.  More to come.  Just was so perplexed by the great scissor shred that got sidetracked. 

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