Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Snow & Ice

In NC you say?!  Well, not this year.  That's right.  With Boston standing at 78" of snow those far, we can't even get a flurry down here.  Stinks!  Was a total waste to buy my kids winter jackets.  They don't wear them.  Or the hats.  Or the gloves.  Or the scarves.  But I did score 30 brand new pairs of flip flops for $20 the other day.  Now that is much more useful in this state.  So, we must make our own 'snow.'  And ice. 

Our therapist taught us how to make this very cool snowflake.  Love it.

And this is a different view of it.  Isn't it great?!  So big.  My plan was to have them all over the dining room.  Well, this is as far as we got.  LOL.  We did make a bunch of little ones though.

Since I was studying winter with them anyhow, thought we'd try something.  Next morning some of the kids went to check it out. 

This is Irina holding what is supposed to be an ice globe.

Reni, Nik and Irina with three of the ones that did not break.  They were really cool.

You fill a balloon up w/ water and food coloring.  Next day, break the balloon.  Pretty.  In the FB ones they are beautifully round and colorful against the snow.  Umm, this is what we ended up with.  Same concept, different outcome.  But, we had fun learning what temp it needs to be to freeze water.  

With all that NC snow and ice, we had to have hot cocoa you know.

Nik waiting to warm up with his cup.  In short sleeves nonetheless.  It is NC.

Irina and Reni sipping some cocoa with marshmallows in it.  BTW, been so hot here, we've been eating Popsicles and had the windows open in January.  Got bit by mosquitoes in February.  What a non-existent winter here.  Oh well, maybe next year. 

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