Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Weekend

So, I had quite a few posts started and stopped.  This one was from mid-January.  Figured, just pop it up here.  Why not?  Clearing my ques.  

Well, was frankly low key and non-eventful for a change.  Friday, we got the boys ready and they went to a youth group retreat.  It was Alex, Logan and Bojan that went.  I wished the girls could have gone too but not in the budget for all to go.  And they know they take turns with things like this here and there.  Spiritually, the boys need to do a little more growing and truly thought at this time, this retreat would benefit them in mroe than one way.  So, it was a quiet night here Friday with three of them gone.  Amazing with a few gone what it does to a volume level here.

Since little Guy did not go to bed till 4am Saturday morning and wake up at 7am, we were all beat come Saturday.  We just hung around and muddled through.  Max worked.  REst of us watched CSI and vegged out to be honest.  Then, we had a friend drop by and invited her to stay for dinner w/ her son along w/ the other family that was coming over at 5.  We all truly had a relaxing and great time.  All the kids played so well together.  Girls of course fussed over the 5 month old baby.  Really though, was pleasant. 

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