Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Our GoFundMe Link for Camp Cheerio

This year, we need a little help getting to Camp Cheerio.  And, since taxes will not be in any time near that, we need to do what we can to raise funds to be able to go.  Girls and I are trying to find babysitting jobs and selling items online.  Too bad none of us has a true talent.  LOL.  But, even w/ doing those things, it will still not be enough.  We are trying to raise funds for us AND other families to be able to attend camp this year.  As some of you are well aware, this is more than 'just a camp.'  This is an incredible learning experience for parents.  The workshops we are able to attend are invaluable for our children to succeed in life.  So much I could say about going here.  This year though, we do need help to get there.  Like I said, we are doing all we can on this end.  We need $1000 to be able to attend. ($920 for camp and $80 for diesel to get there).  Anything we raise above that, will be handed over to the scholarship fund to enjoy the camp experience as well.  If we could just have folks give up one Starbucks coffee ($5) or even a lunch out ($10) we truly could reach our goal.  Just one of those items this month. Shoot, a bag of chips is $4 a bag now.  And please, if you can't donate, share the link.  Seeing the look on these kids when they are deaf/ HOH and being able to meet others like them for the first time is simply amazing.  We want to help give that gift to others.  Enough talking on my part.  Here is the link:  GoFundMe.  Thank you so much!

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