Monday, February 23, 2015

Manic Monday

It definitely felt like a Monday today.  No one but no one wanted to get out of bed even.  But, we managed.  Warren went to work as did Irina and Max.  Rest of us stayed home and worked on school work.  We even missed Homeschool Gym today. 

  • Cold here again
  • May snow in NC-- Wahoo!!!
  • Have an extra friend w/ us this week
  • Need to go grocery shopping
  • Cancelled Nik's devel. ped appointment (at times you have to decide what specialists are really needed)
  • Nik, Summer and Bojan go tomorrow for annual eye exams
  • Alex and Reni have soccer this week
  • Houseguest, Summer and Sofie have dance
  • Teens have youth group
  • Trying to raise funds for us to make it to Camp Cheerio this year
  • Girls and I trying to babysit to help raise funds
  • We are house hunting again (l-o-n-g story.  May be moving in April!)
  • Found three houses we like.  None local so we have bittersweet feelings on moving
  • Bojan, Alex and Logan want to do a fast for Youth Group in March.  
  • Insurance issues (denial claims)
  • Both van and car need an oil change
  • Need to do our taxes
  • Waiting on a court date for both adoptions
  • Life at a stand still till we find out about this move
Much more to share.  I have many things going on at once.  Need to get up early for eye appointments.  No biggie though.  House was clean.  I say was.  Alex has soccer tomorrow and a friend of the family is coming to stay for a few days starting tomorrow.  And must make it to the store before the madness.  These people go insane.  We are running out of food as we go to the store once a month.  About three days before we have to shop it always feel like we have ketchup and spices left.  You know, the good stuff is gone!  LOL.  Granted, still have plenty of meat and veggies but the munchies are out.   In other words, the bad for you stuff is gone.  The crackers, the fruit snacks, etc.  Have food, just don't have food that the teens want.  They were mad the other day b/c gasp, we ran out of tea and I made them have water.  We don't do soda here or drink mixes.  Mostly tea, water and milk.  Occasionally, juices.  Otherwise, water.  I do notice in the summer and fall when we have only fresh fruit & not really any munchies, no one misses them.  No one!  And that is great.  But, hard to find watermelon in the middle of winter or grapes or the like.  Frozen just does not cut it.  Got to get some sleep.  PIctures tomorrow. 

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