Monday, February 16, 2015

Manic Monday

If I don't return for a day or two, it's because we've lost power.  There are high chances of our power going out we are being told.  We'll see.  Ice storm moving in.  Started with freezing rain. Stopped but waiting for next wave. Supposed to continue through the night. Disappointed b/c we all want snow.  Maybe next time.

  • Lots to catch up on
  • Ice storm headed our way
  • Kids highly disappointed there is no snow outside, just ice.  Can't play with ice.  Bummer!
  • Got school work done
  • Soccer practices cancelled the next two days
  • Open gym cancelled today
  • Got lots of school work done today
  • Wrote social workers
  • PPR done
  • No court date in site
  • Trying to organize a lot more lately
  • Chance we may be moving in less than two months! (don't even ask yet)
  • House hunting/ designing
  • Kids are doing well
  • Appealing insurance
  • Girls have dance this week
  • Kids have youth group
  • Nothing major happening this week (thank goodness)
  • Trying to start a GoFundMe account so we can go to Camp Cheerio and also raise money for family scholarship for others
  • Need to do some RV work
  • Car and Van need an oil change
  • Got my license renewed today
  • Waiting on bloodwork test results for Little Guy to see if he does have leukodystrophy
  • Need to buy Alyona clothes (Summer cut ALL her clothes!)
  • Looking for shin guards for Reni (Alex has new ones)
  • Selling some things around the house
  • Going job hunting with Bojan this week
And of course lots of other little things.  But, with the storm approaching, I need to get going.  We're having chicken and dumplings tonight.  Yum!  Might have peanut butter cookies for dessert if Irina or I get around to making them.  LOL.  enjoy your night and stay safe.  If we don't lose power, may get  a post or two more up.

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