Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Getting Ready for the Storm

As some of  you may have already heard, the south got hit by an ice storm.  Some got snow but for the most part, mostly sleet and ice.  Can't really get through on the roads at all.  Many folks are home today.  Including us.  Going nowhere yet trying to get stuff done.  But what did we do before the storm last night arrived.

Reni and Max goofing around.  Yep, house a mess waiting for impending snow that will never come.

Sofie and Little Guy playing in the playpen.  Yes, it is tipped over on purpose.  Transitioning him out of it.  It is his 'safety' zone and trying to create a new one w/ the walker.  He's having none of it but we're all working on it still.

Reni fixing Irina's hair.  Houseguest and Logan looking on the ipod and rest of them on the couch watching a movie.  

Summer, Sofie and Alyona goofing off in their room.And yes, a mess in there too.  When it snows/ ice, we just seem to forget about the messes for the day or so.

My weather watchers telling me there's nothing yet.

Alex retrieving the basketball that fell in the creek.

Homeschoolers learning why water isn't freezing in the creek yet pool is frozen solid.  Hey, why not teach them something while waiting for the snow.  And yes, my turkeys all have winter jackets that fit them.  However, older ones are way too cool for that.  URGHH!!!!

And this is all we got.  Stupid ice.  Ice is just no fun.  Seriously, where's the dog gone snow this year?!  We made the most of it and those pictures will come.  But still, we all wanted snow just one time this year.  Maybe next week???

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