Friday, February 13, 2015

Digby & Alaska

Been awhile since I chatted about the dogs.  And, since they just had a visit from the vet, perfect timing. 

Alaska is healthy and still as spunky as ever.  She loves the kids and kids that visit.  Goes for walks everyday.  Is very concerned when Little Guy screams and she thinks he's hurt.  She'll go right over to him.  Which in turn makes him mad b/c he's throwing a tantrum.  LOL.  But, still nice to know she loves her kids.

Our mellow fellow Digby.  He is getting older.  That was proven by the vet as well.  He is starting cataracts in his right eye.  He moves more slowly and is put on a diet which umm, we have yet to start.  Vet visited two weeks ago.  Anyhow, she wants him on 1/2 cup of dog food a day but he's allowed all the frozen green beans he could have.  Or other veggies for that matter but she said most dogs prefer the green beans.  And told me frozen.  Right out of the freezer.  I thought she was nuts but apparently others have heard of this too.  Never knew.  He is also to be walked more than once a day.  He's outside most days but he really only wants to lay on the porch.  We'll get him up and about in no time. 

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